Lost Ark: The complete guide to raptor mount and how you can get it

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Try the new loot in Lost Ark? The well known RPG lately added the Raptor mount, a ferocious new mount. This will make traveling through the land of Arcesia just a little easier, though it performs specifically like the other automobiles in the game. Regardless, riding a dinosaur is undeniably cool. Here's how to get the Raptor mount in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark: The complete guide to having the raptor mount

There is absolutely only a single method to obtain a Raptor mount in Misplaced Ark: you will need to possess an active Amazon Prime subscription. Yes, this one of a kind dinosaur mount is really a Prime Gaming award. It truly is only on the market to gamers with a valid subscription.

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, having the Lost Ark Raptor Mount is easy and straightforward. . visit the Prime Gaming web-site, log in if needed, and claim your present. Provided that your Amazon account is linked to your Lost Ark .profile, you will find the mount the following time you log in. From there, it is straightforward to equip Read reviews. Then you definitely can make your Jurassic Park dreams come accurate by riding a raptor!

Regrettably, if you're not a Prime buyer, you won't be capable of get this mount. These exclusive items rarely develop into obtainable to all players in the future, so do not hold your breath. On the other hand, it is possible to promptly start out a 30-day Prime trial to acquire gear without paying to get a subscription. On the other hand, besides this, there is certainly no other solution to access the Raptor mount.

All round, the Raptor mount is really a terrific little reward for players who subscribe to Amazon Prime. It will not adjust your knowledge and performs just like other automobiles, but it is still undeniably impressive. Who wouldn't need to play with a dinosaur in tow?

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