Escape from Tarkov: How to get more resources easily and quickly?

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Escape from Tarkov is often a Russian game, a realistic MMO game with survival, shooter, and RPG components. The developers get in touch with a story-driven combat simulator with their project, which indicates a "story-driven shooter." The game requires location in some creepy city of Tarkov, which was incredibly unlucky to be an object of radiation and biological pollution. The town is surrounded by UN and RF checkpoints, so the surviving residents are forced to fight each other for packages of instant noodles, clean water, and medicines.


Escape from Tarkov: How to get more resources easily and quickly?


Furthermore, to excessive doses of lead, the character you may purchase from Escape from Tarkov can die from exhaustion, disease, radiation, and other illnesses. The modes inside the game promise various pieces. Among the list of scenarios is pided into raid areas. The goal will be to get out of your city. The second mode is a typical sandbox with NPC traders, dynamic events (mortar and mutant attacks), leveling up, getting, finding "Escape from Tarkov" in close combat, and weapon customization.


Leveling up is organized within the style of the Elder Scrolls Online. The character development technique will incorporate over 100 capabilities and qualities, pided into four forms: combat, mental, physical, and practical. On the internet - the additional you usually use a skill, the quicker it develops.


Moreover, the developers of Escape from Tarkov for PS4 / Xbox A single promise many offline actions (cache management, analysis, espionage), an sophisticated trading system between players (you'll be able to open your organization inside the game), and quite a few possibilities for team play, such as attacks on enemy fortifications and reconnaissance missions.


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